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Far Eastern Filial Branch, Siberian Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1957-1970)

In the fifties the government policy was characterized by extension of researches in Siberia and the Far East related to rapid development of natural resources and reinforcement of the scientific potential in the East regions of our country.
With that end in view in 1957 the Siberian Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences was founded including all the Academic institutions situated to the east of the Urals and also the Far Eastern Filial Branch.
Since that time the organization of a network of academic research institutes was initiated in the Far East. The following new institutes were founded in the Far Eastern Filial Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences:

In Vladivostok:
Far Eastern Geological Institute (in 1959)
Institute of Biology and Soil Sciences (in 1962)
Institute of Biologically Active Substances (in 1964)

In Magadan:
North-Eastern Integrated Research Institute was founded in 1960. By the end of the sixties it had become a big academic institute having a strong influence on the development of productive forces of the North-East, USSR.
In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky:
Institute of Volcanology (founded in 1962) started a comprehensive complicated studies of present-day volcanism in the Kuril and Kamchatka areas, USSR.

In Khabarovsk:
Khabarovsk Integrated Research Institute (founded in July 1968) was faced with a wide range of scientific tasks in the field of natural and technical studies and economics.

In Vladivostok:
Institute of Marine Biology (founded in 1970) carried out studies of marine organisms and biological productivity of the Far Eastern seas and Pacific Ocean.
During those years Far Eastern academic science expanded geographycally to be closer to poorly studied regions and subjects of investigations.

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