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Far Eastern Research Branch, USSR Academy of Sciences (1940-1948)

The year of 1943 was a milestone in science development in the Far East. There were some changes at the war fronts, and science began gradually returning to Primorye.
A decision was made to set up the Far Eastern Base of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Primorye.
Scientists were charged to study productive capacities of the Far East and render assistance for organizations of Primorye to solve problems of regional economy caused by the war. The Base structure was clearly defined according to the requirements for research work and economic prospects in the Far East.
Initially the Base consisted of soil-botany and zoology sectors, Mountain - Taiga Station as well as Kedrovaya Pad and Komarov Preserves. In 1945, a sector of chemistry was organized and in 1946 - a geological sector.
Up to 1946 the Base was located in Ussuriisk and then moved to Vladivostok where the office premises and laboratories of the Base were placed in one of the best buildings in the downtown.
During the WWII and first post-war years, a wide range of investigations were conducted by the Base. Comprehensive and thorough knowledge of natural resources of the region was obtained to better satisfy requirements of the regional economy.

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