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  50 Svetlanskaya Street, Vladivostok, 690950,
  Tel. +7(4232) 22-86-30,
  Webmaster: O. Sinitsyna

Institute of Marine Biology
Address: 17 Palchevskogo Street, Vladivostok, 690041
Tel. (423) 2310905
Fax. (423) 2310900
Director: Andrei V. Adrianov, Academician, t. 2310-905
Deputy Director (scientific work):
Andrei B. Imbs, Doctor of Biological Sciences, t. 2317-339
Victor V. Ivin, Candidate of Biological Sciences, t. 2317-113
Yury S. Khotimchenko, Doctor of Biological Sciences, t. 2310-906
Scientific Secretary: Vladimir E. Zhukov, Candidate of Biological Sciences, t. 2310-907
Deputy Director (general matters): Igor Yu. Stepanuk, t. 2311-175
Chief economist: Marina V. Apukhtina, t. 2310-922
Chief accountant: Nina A. Pushtova, t. 2320-625
Chief of personnel department: Irina L. Borisova, t. 2310-914
Chief of scientific and technical department: Svetlana P. Geronina, t. 2310-464

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